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Mexico: How to Pay Through QR Codes

Payments with QR codes are a relatively new form of payment in the country of Mexico. As we have always talked about QR codes, they are a method that allows you to make transactions in seconds. Digital payment in Mexico Paying in this way is done in a few seconds:¬†…
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QR codes are implemented in the Cocoa Manifesto project in Colombia

In these digitalization and rapid technological advances, businesses, companies, and entrepreneurs need to implement technical tools to keep their places in the market. In today’s article, we will show you how Cocoa Manifesto implemented Qr codes’ strategy, keep reading! Project: Cocoa Manifesto The Cocoa Manifesto project emerged as a new…
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China implements QR codes for the health area

Qr Codes are taking the spotlight! One of the most significant areas that are starting to understand all their benefits is healthcare services. China implements QR codes for its healthcare, and to help the citizens. One good example it’s the eastern city of Hangzhou, where the QR codes have been…
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QR Code illustration

Learn the Benefits of QR Codes in Print Marketing Materials

The Print Marketing Materials are the best and traditional way to design a marketing strategy for your business. They are presented in different formats like brochures, flyers, stickers, stationery, magazines, newspaper ads, poster ads, billboard ads, and so much more. The main point here is to print the information, to…
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E-commerce marketing

We’ll Teach You How to Make the Most of E-Commerce Marketing

The technological advances, and other circumstances like COVID-19, have pushed many businesses to e-commerce marketing. But for an exact process and the best results, automatization is necessary. Here is where the QR Codes play an essential part in an excellent e-commerce marketing campaign. Read more about how the codes work…
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Inventory management

Inventory Management: How to Use the QR Code

Every company understands the problems, complications, and issues that inventory management has. For that reason, QR Codes were created to give a modern approach to it, thanks to their main ability to hold more information than barcodes. Nowadays, they come with so many possibilities from customization to the data they…
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Virtual Event

Find Out How to Take Advantage of QR Codes In Virtual Events

Many of the events that were scheduled at the beginning of the year had to be canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak. For many companies, the digital world was the best solution, planning virtual events for their spectators and attendees. That way, the schedule is keeping on track, and the…
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QR code

Structure of The QR Code: How Is The Data Coded?

The QR Codes are becoming a useful tool. The coronavirus outbreak has increased the use of the pixel-like square image because it can be used for just about anything! But do you know the QR Code structure? Why is a square-shaped structure used with them? And the data that can…
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