Digital Business Card

Digital Business Card

The QR Codes are becoming a useful tool. The coronavirus outbreak has increased the use of the pixel-like square image because it can be used for just about anything! But do you know the QR Code structure? Why is a square-shaped structure used with them? And the data that can be encoded in them? Find out these answers and more, just keep reading!

Find out what’s behind the square shape of the QR code

The QR Code structure is pretty simple: under the form of a square. This is because the QR Codes scanners can recognize this shape better. Besides that, the square can maximize the efficiency of holding and sending information. Inside it, the pixel-like image is very similar to a puzzle and possesses seven crucial elements:

– Positioning markings: they indicate in which way the code is printed.

– Alignment markings: when using larger codes these markings can help with the orientation.

 – Timing patterns: these are lines that tell the scanner the size of the data matrix.

– Version information: with this section you can specify which version of all the QR Codes is used. There are more than 40 versions of them, but normally versions from 1 to 7 are often used.

– Format information: these patterns include the information about error tolerance and data mask pattern, to simplify the scan of the code.

 – Data and error correction keys: here is where the data is shown.

– Quiet zone: this is a blank space that helps to scan programs to differentiate between the code and the surroundings. 

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Why is a square shape form used with QR Codes?

The square shape form is vital for a QR Code structure, surpassing the barcodes for a long shot. The benefits of using a QR Code are such an extent that barcodes are keeping just for simple purposes. Read the reasons behind the square shape form in the QR code structure.

Its structure is easy to code. 

There are many ways to use QR Codes, the possibilities are endless. A QR Code structure allows us to have so much information in an image so small and even editing it after the completion. Some examples of the types of information that you can connect to QR Codes are: 

– Business card: present your information with a code.

– Facebook: a link to any Facebook page to gain more followers.

– Apps: install an app from any app store.

– Print material: use a code to present materials for printing in any format.

– Social media: use just one code to redirect to multiple social media accounts.

– Coupon code: display a QR Code for a discount in a product or service.

– Feedback: share different feedback surveys with a QR Code.

– Email code: share and collect information on different email addresses. 

As you can see, there are many ways to take advantage of the uses that a QR Code can offer. All the uses, the edges, and the benefits are possible through the QR Code structure with a square shape form. Learn more about the infinite possibilities that QR Codes offer with our blog, and check our social media accounts to find interesting tips and information. 

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This design allows you to store both horizontal and vertical information.

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