Digital Business Card

Digital Business Card


Here are some of the most popular questions our members have, please review and if you have any other cuestion you are more than welcome to send us an email, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Our members receive in the first 24 hours a URL with the personalized page that you can record on your phone with direct access. That way when you need it, just press the app icon and it will show you the details of your custom URL.

If during the 12 months the user changes any contact information, then our team updates their information and will let you know when it is ready. The update process also takes approximately 24 hours.

  1. Pay the annual subscription.
  2. Fill out the information form, including uploading your photo or logo
  3. Check the URL with your new QRBC in your email provided within 24 hours of filling out the form
  4. On your phone, save your QRBC as an APP link. (if it’s iPhone click here. If it’s Android click here)

Yes, our support team will be on the lookout to update your QRBC every time you request it. The process takes 24 hours.

The acronym would be Quick Response Business Card, Business card with quick response code. Use the QR Code which is a new 3-dimensional barcode format that allows you to store a lot of information.

When you show your QRBC to another person, he only needs to use his QR code reader that is already included in the camera system in a large number of phones. IOS and Android app stores also have several Apps that are free to read QR codes.

When the person who will read the QR code points his camera to his QRBC, the system will quickly recognize it and show you an option that asks if you want to open the information you received. If you click, it will show a complete profile of you on the user’s screen and ask if you want to save it as a new contact or update an existing one.

Nothing. Our system does not save your payment information, so you are not required to renew or the renewal will not be automatically charged. Consequently, when there are 30 days left before its renewal, an email will be sent to ask if you wish to renew. A courtesy call will be made 7 days before. If none of the 2 are successful, the URL will simply stop working and now, you don’t need to do anything else, your URL will stop working and you will not have to do anything else.

The greatest value of my QRBC is that it is the same user who sees the benefit of having it, it will be you who decides to renew your subscription. Your QRBC is cheap, not even a full meal on a fast-food chain will cost you this. Your QRBC put your leads directly in contact with you. Your QRBC has been a good way to break the ice with your contacts.

  1. Save annual money on business card printing.
  2. It is an easy and modern system to transmit your contact information.
  3. As it is on your phone the probability that you always have it with you is very high.
  4. Although its native form is a URL on the phone, you can also see it on our website.
  5. You can send the link by email to other people, share by any system or social network.
  6. It is Eco-Friendly since it is not printing or using paper. You are helping to save the planet.