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Banco de Occidente offers a service without physical contact using QR codes

In the middle of the fight against the COVID-19 virus, many countries around the world are taking so many actions to protect their people. But this is going beyond what every government is doing. Many important to note economics sectors are taking different initiatives to offer the same quality products and services to all their clients. Today, we are going to show you how Banco de Occidente in Colombia is using QR Codes to implement a contactless payment system. Keep reading!

Banco de Occidente announced in August its new payment system

Banco de Occidente is an essential bank in Colombia. They always are looking for the best for their clients. The bank has its headquarters in Cali. It was founded in 1965 and is part of the Aval Group. Nowadays, it is one of the best businesses in the South-American country. Because everything can get better with time, offering new services and new methods to the clients, the bank is taking new opportunities in the middle of this pandemic. 

In this case, Banco de Occidente is offering a new contactless payment system through the use of QR Codes, with the bank’s app. Each of the Aval Group’s Banks is going to apply this method. But for now, it’s starting with Banco de Occidente

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The objective here is to prevent unnecessary contact with bills and credit or debit cards. With the app and QR Codes, clients will be able to pay without touching anything, all with the use of their smartphones. They are scanning the QR Code that is generated with dataphones of many establishments in the country. 

In the App, the client must enter the Transaction module, then choose the QR Aval from the menu, and select the QR Shopping function, which is the new feature of the app. Then the client must scan the code that the Dataphone is showing. After that scan is finished, the client can select the credit card, the number of installments, and complete the payment. 


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QR codes are a great help in these times of pandemic 

As Banco de Occidente and Aval Group have stated: “…are looking for innovative solutions for their clients, expanding the portfolio of electronic services and scaling the digital transformation of the sector and the country”. This shows that Colombian businesses want to embrace new technologies, to offer to their citizens and clients while protecting their health.

QR Codes will always be one of the best solutions to reduce the risk of contact with objects and people. Banco de Occidente understood this, and it’s applying new methods for their clients. It won’t be surprising to observe in a couple of months how these codes are taking more importance for businesses around the world.

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Colombia has not been left behind; the use of QR codes is implemented in the banking entities.

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