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China implements QR codes for the health area

Qr Codes are taking the spotlight! One of the most significant areas that are starting to understand all their benefits is healthcare services. China implements QR codes for its healthcare, and to help the citizens. One good example it’s the eastern city of Hangzhou, where the QR codes have been used for different health services. Keep reading to find out more!

QR codes improve healthcare services

Using QR codes can improve communication, transparency, and information between providers, caregivers, and care recipients. This technology can be an incredible tool, especially for data and information. Hospitals and other services are starting to understand this. So, how can healthcare use QR codes? Easy, with these methods:

  • Identification: to help with patients’ medical data and records.
  • Marketing: to show information about the hospital’s services and resources, including the human one.
  • Drug safety: to have transparency and authenticity with drugs and medicines, through packages and brochures. 
  • Medical equipment: to help to install and showing functions of medical equipment that will help with tests and to the effective delivery of care. 
  • Health tracking: codes can be used to track patients’ health status. They can alert the closest hospital or doctor about the patient’s condition, or if they leave their houses. 
  • Asset and inventory tracking: assets and inventory are highly expensive for any hospital, so codes can help to track all of them and how they have been used throughout the day, only by scanning the code.
  • Procedure information for patients: codes can facilitate understanding from patients, caregivers can explain so much, but sometimes using their own devices can help patients to understand the treatment or care that they received altogether. 

Many healthcare systems and services still used traditional methods to keep tracks and records of procedures and patients, but that is changing with technology and with QR Codes. An excellent example of that is observing how China implements QR codes for healthcare services.

China improves its medical services thanks to the implementation of QR codes

China implements QR codes in Hangzhou to fight against the coronavirus pandemic. The Asian country was the first one to suffer from the virus, with many contagious and deaths. But they are improving their medical and healthcare services, using technology such as QR Codes. The company Ant Financial is the major player in this implementation, with the mobile app Alipay. The codes can be connected to the citizen’s sanitize or social security cards to facilitate registers and the search for medicines. 

These codes are facilitating processes that could take hours. Patients no longer need to carry their records on paper. With just one QR code, they can check in on hospitals, simplifying processes, and granting treatment quickly. 

According to Ant Financial, Hangzhou was the first one. Still, more than 100 cities are already using the codes to control the covid-19 outbreak better and helping with returning to work and daily activities. Another great point in using QR Codes is the contactless methods of scanning. That way, citizens can reduce the risk of contagion and take precautions.

If China implements QR Codes for its healthcare and medical services, we can expect that soon, other countries, not just in Asia but globally, start to use the codes as a great way to keep records and track patients and prevent more contagious diseases. Keep in touch with MyQRBC to find out more news and great uses for QR Codes, don’t forget to follow us on our social media!

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The use of the QR code is having great success in China.

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