China proposes to use the QR code system to contain the coronavirus

On November 23rd, 2020, the BBC published news about the QR code system that China proposes to contain the coronavirus globally.  “We need to further harmonize policies and standards, and establish a ‘fast track’ to facilitate the orderly flow of people,” said President Xi Jinping at the G20 virtual summit that brought together the heads […]

Hotels: How to incorporate the use of QR codes to improve your services

QR Codes have been used for more than 20 years, with the new normalcy in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, they have proved their value. The tourism sector realizes how these codes can improve their services. A good example is how hotels are starting to use them for their guests, proving the great use […]

China implements QR codes for the health area

Qr Codes are taking the spotlight! One of the most significant areas that are starting to understand all their benefits is healthcare services. China implements QR codes for its healthcare, and to help the citizens. One good example it’s the eastern city of Hangzhou, where the QR codes have been used for different health services. […]

Railway tickets with QR codes will be enabled in India

Nowadays, people around the world are looking for ways to proceed with daily activities in a contactless way. All these methods are appearing in the middle of the fight against COVID-19. Every day you can find more and more news about the use of QR Codes because they are the best method for this. India […]

Amazing Benefits of QR Codes for Tourists

Tourism is a market that allows many useful options, thanks to its different businesses and services. New advances in technology are increasing tourism marketing changes. One of the best examples is the use of QR Codes for tourists. Today we discuss the fantastic benefits that they have for the tourism sector. The tourism industry is […]

We’ll Teach You How to Make the Most of E-Commerce Marketing

The technological advances, and other circumstances like COVID-19, have pushed many businesses to e-commerce marketing. But for an exact process and the best results, automatization is necessary. Here is where the QR Codes play an essential part in an excellent e-commerce marketing campaign. Read more about how the codes work perfectly for the improvement of […]

Inventory Management: How to Use the QR Code

Every company understands the problems, complications, and issues that inventory management has. For that reason, QR Codes were created to give a modern approach to it, thanks to their main ability to hold more information than barcodes. Nowadays, they come with so many possibilities from customization to the data they show. Keep reading to find […]

Discover 5 International News About the Use of the QR Code

QR Codes are now widely known, especially when people are looking for contactless ways to proceed with different aspects like payments, online purchases, and check-out catalogs. For that reason today, we present to you, five international news about the use of QR Codes.  The QR code has reached every corner of the world The world […]

QR Code: How to Solve Scanning Problems?

The QR Code was developed as an advanced version of Barcodes, to help with inventory management, because they can hold more information, and can be read horizontally and vertically. Besides that, they can come in editable versions like Dynamic QR Codes and can be created in large batches. These are just a few reasons behind […]

Find Out How to Renew the Landing Page with QR Codes

Every business should start using a Landing Page to generate new customers. But do you know how this page works? How to design a solid landing page with a uniqueness that makes it better than the competition? Or how QR Codes can make it stand out more? Well, today we can answer all those questions […]