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Hotels: How to incorporate the use of QR codes to improve your services

QR Codes have been used for more than 20 years, with the new normalcy in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, they have proved their value. The tourism sector realizes how these codes can improve their services. A good example is how hotels are starting to use them for their guests, proving the great use of technology. Keep reading to find out more!

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A hotel in Bogota joins the use of QR codes

Colombia is an attractive country for tourism, and as a tourist, you can find so many good places to stay. But with the new normalcy, every hotel needs to fulfill the biosecurity rules, just like the Marriott Courtyard Hotel in Bogota. The hotel is opening its door again after the mandatory quarantine is put in place on March 19th. 

There are so many changes inside the hotel as Iris Delgado, General Manager, explained to La Republica newspaper that one of the biggest changes was the new laminate flooring when the floors were matted. This will facilitate better cleaning and more health security. 

Another great point and the main reason behind this note is the use of QR codes for different aspects inside the Marriot. Using them in the rooms to request the products that were before within the minibar service, to products such as hairdryer, coffee machine, and other similar appliances. After scanning the code, a catalog will be displayed. That way, the guest can choose what they need

The restaurant is pretty similar to the new services. In every table, the commensals can find a QR Code that, after the scanning, it will present the menu of the different dishes that are being offered for the meals, from breakfast to dinner. The other security measures are using biosecurity bags to keep face masks safe that way. There are no chances of contamination, and every guest can feel safe at the hotel. 

These are just a few of the great changes that every hotel around the world is doing to adapt to the new normalcy. But actually, hotels are great places for the QR Codes technologies. 

The age of technology

There are many ways to use QR Codes in hotels or inns to present a better service to every guest. Check out how to proceed with them!

Room service or reservations: one of the greatest services at hotels and inns is the room services. With a QR Code in every room, guests can check the menu and make their request. Also, they can proceed with different reservations from tables at the restaurant to trips and other activities. 

Be in touch with reception: a QR code can put every guest in touch with the reception through an SMS or WhatsApp, without saving the number on their phones.

Restaurant menus: as the Marriott in Bogota is doing, putting a QR Code in the restaurant’s tables can be an excellent way to eliminate the menu’s physical copies. 

Make payments: with QR Codes, payments can be made easily with just a scan and the correct app, so every expense that the guest has at the hotel can be paid with a code.

Hotel room directory: another great way to use code is to show the guest the guide and schedule of the hotel’s different activities. This can be demonstrated with a simple but detailed site or a PDF file that the guest can download to their devices. 

Digital kiosk: hotels and inns always offer magazines, newspapers, and books as part of the room service and in the waiting and dining area. But with the new normalcy, this would be better to have it in digital. A QR Code can present the digital kiosk and the catalog of choosing to enjoy good reading. 

Opinion: with a QR Code, the hotel or inn can give the guest a form to fill the guest’s experience during their stay. This form can be done with Google or other apps, but it would be displayed after the scan. 

These are just a few of the many options used in hotels, inns, or any other tourism service with QR Codes. They are definitely what many businesses are looking for in the middle of the adaptation to a new normalcy. Keep in touch with MyQRBC to find out more amazing news of these codes, and not forget to follow us on our social media.

Using the QR code

Making payments and reading the press are other advantages to consider.

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