Structure of The QR Code: How Is The Data Coded?

The QR Codes are becoming a useful tool. The coronavirus outbreak has increased the use of the pixel-like square image because it can be used for just about anything! But do you know the QR Code structure? Why is a square-shaped structure used with them? And the data that can be encoded in them? Find […]

Find Out How to Renew the Landing Page with QR Codes

Every business should start using a Landing Page to generate new customers. But do you know how this page works? How to design a solid landing page with a uniqueness that makes it better than the competition? Or how QR Codes can make it stand out more? Well, today we can answer all those questions […]

5 Advantages of Using QR Codes in Health Centers

The QR Codes are amazing tools that allow the contactless between different interactions. For a health center, correct prevention in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic is the main goal. That way, the personnel, and patients can be clean and safe of this virus. Learn what the advantages of using QR Codes in health centers […]