Learn the Benefits of QR Codes in Print Marketing Materials

The Print Marketing Materials are the best and traditional way to design a marketing strategy for your business. They are presented in different formats like brochures, flyers, stickers, stationery, magazines, newspaper ads, poster ads, billboard ads, and so much more. The main point here is to print the information, to sell and promote a brand […]

Amazing Benefits of QR Codes for Tourists

Tourism is a market that allows many useful options, thanks to its different businesses and services. New advances in technology are increasing tourism marketing changes. One of the best examples is the use of QR Codes for tourists. Today we discuss the fantastic benefits that they have for the tourism sector. The tourism industry is […]

We’ll Teach You How to Make the Most of E-Commerce Marketing

The technological advances, and other circumstances like COVID-19, have pushed many businesses to e-commerce marketing. But for an exact process and the best results, automatization is necessary. Here is where the QR Codes play an essential part in an excellent e-commerce marketing campaign. Read more about how the codes work perfectly for the improvement of […]

Structure of The QR Code: How Is The Data Coded?

The QR Codes are becoming a useful tool. The coronavirus outbreak has increased the use of the pixel-like square image because it can be used for just about anything! But do you know the QR Code structure? Why is a square-shaped structure used with them? And the data that can be encoded in them? Find […]

Find Out How to Renew the Landing Page with QR Codes

Every business should start using a Landing Page to generate new customers. But do you know how this page works? How to design a solid landing page with a uniqueness that makes it better than the competition? Or how QR Codes can make it stand out more? Well, today we can answer all those questions […]

5 Advantages of Using QR Codes in Health Centers

The QR Codes are amazing tools that allow the contactless between different interactions. For a health center, correct prevention in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic is the main goal. That way, the personnel, and patients can be clean and safe of this virus. Learn what the advantages of using QR Codes in health centers […]