Technology 2020: discover the incredible trends during the year

We’re witnessing a new technological era Technology has changed the world in many ways over the last few decades, but the breakthrough in innovation has made 2020 a year where the business world and day-to-day life changed completely. 2020 can be called the “year of the great technological leap.” Technology in 2020 has completely revolutionized […]

QR Code: How to Solve Scanning Problems?

The QR Code was developed as an advanced version of Barcodes, to help with inventory management, because they can hold more information, and can be read horizontally and vertically. Besides that, they can come in editable versions like Dynamic QR Codes and can be created in large batches. These are just a few reasons behind […]

How To Backup Business Information With QR Codes During Quarantine

During quarantine time, many businesses have to adapt to drastic changes to keep a constant revenue stream. But this is easier said than done, many companies are struggling with these changes and customers too. However, one of the significant peaks about technology is how it can be used to solve problems, so to backup business […]

Structure of The QR Code: How Is The Data Coded?

The QR Codes are becoming a useful tool. The coronavirus outbreak has increased the use of the pixel-like square image because it can be used for just about anything! But do you know the QR Code structure? Why is a square-shaped structure used with them? And the data that can be encoded in them? Find […]

How to Boost Marketing Using the QR Code in Cars

Car ads always have a purpose: brand promotion. The fact is that 60% of consumers prefer to buy products from companies they’ve heard of rather than those they haven’t, which means the more brand awareness you have, the more sales you will generate.   Discover the benefits of car marketing ads Car ads can be in […]