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Technology 2020: discover the incredible trends during the year

We’re witnessing a new technological era

Technology has changed the world in many ways over the last few decades, but the breakthrough in innovation has made 2020 a year where the business world and day-to-day life changed completely. 2020 can be called the “year of the great technological leap.”

Technology in 2020 has completely revolutionized the way we do business and is advancing in different industries. Here are the seven most important emerging technology trends of 2020

Find out what are the new changes in technology

– Artificial Intelligence


One of the great objectives of the digital agenda is the progress in the development of systems capable of learning and adapting to improve computer performance: Artificial Intelligence. 


This came to optimize customer service, improve services, facilitate the search and management of information, and reinvent a wide variety of business models.


“The most significant advance will come from speed. The 5G will allow navigation at up to 10 Gbps (gigabytes per second), ten times faster than the primary fiber optic offers in the market. At this rate, it will be possible, for example, to download a complete movie in a matter of seconds.

Also, latency (the network’s response time) will experience a significant advance. According to the operators, this could be reduced to 5 milliseconds, which is almost invisible to humans, which will allow us to connect practically in real-time. This data is especially important, for example, to minimize the response time of an autonomous vehicle to improve the safety of both the occupants and any passers-by around it”. -National Geographic on What is 5G and how will it change our lives

As we can see, communications are advancing more and more rapidly, bringing us a more developed world.


Mobile commerce is our new shopping cart. The way we live life is changing, and in this year of a pandemic, the implementation of new ways to shop from your cell phones with intuitive applications and optimized mobile websites is here to stay. China is one of the countries where mobile commerce has developed the most. Only with your cell phone you can make payments through QR codes and online applications.


This technology in 2020 securely allows recording transactions thanks to its encrypted and decentralized nature. FedEx, Walmart, and IBM have invested millions of dollars in this trend. This will allow more control of information leaks and will prevent frauds on the Internet.

-Growth of medium-tech companies

This time it’s not just the big, well-known technology companies that are taking the reins. There has been a great deal of interest in medium-sized businesses with growth potential.  As investors begin to own, operate, and invest in emerging technology companies, we are beginning to see more reports on the mid-size sector and its potential.

With so many technological changes on the road moving at the speed they do, every day, we will have new technologies to add to the list. Today we are only showing you some of the most exciting developments. The 2020 and the years to come are full of surprises on a technological level.

We’re sure that 2021 will also be very novel.

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